Miss America
Teresa Scanlan
Miss America OT
Elizabeth Fechtel
Miss Florida
Kristina Janolo
Miss Florida OT
Rachel Strever

Miss America
Visits Riverside Lodge


Miss America, Teresa Scanlan,
Miss Americas outstanding teen,
Elizabeth Fechtel of Leesburg,
Miss Florida, Kristina Janolo, as
well as Miss Florida outstanding
Teen, Rachel Strever, enjoyed a
few days away from the hassle
at the Riverside Lodge Resort.

The young ladies took a ride with
Wild Bill's Airboat Tour, then had
a lunch at our BBQ pavilion, took
the Canoes down the River, and
finalized the day at the Campfire
on Discovery Island, before they
spend the night in our log-cabins.
It was all well managed thanks to
Mrs. Dixie Fechtel.

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