The Clubhouse and BBQ Pavilion At Riverside Resort Lodge

With Florida cabin rentals at Riverside Lodge, our Clubhouse can be rented for your events, like family reunions, birthday parties, business meetings or weddings! It has comfortable seating for up to 44 guests (plus a secional sofa and 2 barstools) a small Kitchen with a sink and mini fridge, the ping-pong table turns into a large dining table and the pool table into a buffet. You can bring your own decorations, food, drinks and music or videos (blue tooth, DVD, mp3) and clean up after yourself when you are done.

The Clubhouse and
BBQ Pavilion

Is a place for gatherings, game
nights, pot luck dinners and a lot
more. Watch special events on
TV together with others. Stay fit
with the exercise equipment, use
the pool table or play ping-pong.
Borrow a book, use the kitchen
and laundry facilities. Enjoy our
BBQ pavilion to grill your steaks.
A Great pace for outdoor parties.

Contact us if you
Plan an Event?

Like Family Reunion, Birthday,Business Meeting or Wedding

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