Resort Guidelines

Office Hours: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Sine we are a small family business and may be busy with maintenance work or attend to other guests!
PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE 352-726-2002 and we return your call between 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM:
Payment for the time rented is due in advance, if rental exceeds 1 month, rent and electric are due
on the first of the month, after a five day grace period, a $5.00 daily late fee applies until fully paid.
Credit Card Hold - Cabin Rental Only Upon check-in your issuing bank will place a $250.00 hold
on your debit or credit card for possible damages or unauthorized smoking in the cabin.
This hold will be released by the bank five (5) days after it was placed.
Specific RV-Sites or Cabin numbers can't be guaranteed, but we will try to satisfy requests, while
preference is given to long term guests, who may stay longer as they planed on a certain RV site.
This property is privately owned and managed, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone,
and are not responsible for accidents, or injury to guests, loss of valuables, damage to RV's or any
other personal property.
Pets are welcome! But must be kept on the leash and cleaned up after, no cats or barking dogs!
Parental Supervision Policy In order to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests, we designed
the following child supervision policy, which you should be aware of before you make a reservation:
No one under the age of 18 is allowed to use any facilities Including but not limited to the clubhouse,
golf carts, canoes,kayaks and all public areas, without strict, continuous supervision of their parents.
Parents of unsupervised children might have to leave the Riverside Lodge Resort without a refund.
Visitors Of Registered Guest must register at the office before entering the resort, there is a $10.00
per person charge for day-guests!  All day guests must leave the premises at 9:00 PM or would be
considered overnight guest, where the regular extra person fees apply, which are due at 9:00 PM
and will be charged to the registered guests account.
Speed Limit: is 10 MPH throughout the park. Quiet Time: is from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM
The Clubhouse is open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM to all our guests, and may be used for planed
activities, please inform the management, clean up after your self and turn all lights off! When you
use games, or borrow books and videos, please return them and simply put them back for others.
Washers and Dryers are behind the clubhouse for your convenience please use them and don't
run clothes lines, we are on a septic tank system and not allowed to do laundry on any RV sites.
The Picnic & BBQ area is open to all guests, please keep it clean and leave it that way, last one
leaving has to make sure the grill, lights and music are turned off, we generally close it at 11 PM.
Boat Docks, Campfire, Games and the Fishing Pier can be used by all guests at your own risk!
Island explorers are welcome, please be aware that you enter uncontrolled nature at your own risk,
observe all wild life with caution, and be extra careful with any fire, and burning cigarettes!
Your RV Site should be maintained in a way that there are no unsightly items around your RV, if
repairs are needed, please do them quickly, and clean up.
RV or Car Washing is only allowed to long term or weekly guests and residence, hook-up your
RV’s sewer hose with a sewer seal, don't dump anything in the grass and please report any water
leaks or other problems to the management
Garbage Dumpsters are located at the park entrance on the right, please use them only for your
household trash, and leave no garbage laying around anywhere.
Alcohol should not be consumed in public or in front of children, please use discretion, and keep
your parties confined to certain areas, and times of the day!
Renting out your RV or Mobile home to others is not allowed, all RV's or Mobile Homes must
be occupied by the owner. Buyers have to be approved by the management first in order for the
Mobile Home, or RV to remain in this park. However, we are willing to assist you in your sale.

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